How Fleet Signage Affects A Company’s Bottom Line

Companies are today faced with a competitive environment that is more cut-throat than at any time in the past. More small and medium-sized enterprises have been able to go toe-to-toe with large multinationals when it comes to marketing and promotional efforts due to the reach of the Internet and the ability to target specific groups of consumers that feed their sales funnels. It’s a brave new world for those who seize the opportunities presented by consumers who increasingly have access to company information 24 hours a day – no matter where they are.

fleet signage

However, there are certain marketing approaches that have stayed evergreen – even in an increasingly complex world, and one of these is fleet signage.
Fleet signage ticks all the right boxes when it comes to promoting a company’s brand.

Studies in the United States have indicated that in excess of 90% of drivers notice vehicle signage (which should come as no surprise) – and 75% of those drivers form an opinion of the company based on their fleet signage.

Fleet signage not only offers excellent value for money when compared to other types of advertising (such as above the line – TV and radio are two examples), but it also conveys a professional image, and in a competitive environment that is extremely important. For those considering fleet signage, it’s also vital to take into account where and when the signage will be viewed. Increased congestion means that consumers are spending more time in their automobiles – and that fleet signage is highly visible.

Of course, the above does not take into account pedestrian traffic – and in cities, those consumers are also exposed to the messaging of vehicle signage.

Vehicle signage is highly effective and cuts through the clutter of advertising that can be a feature of traditional media. It offers great value for money – and a number of design options. It is something every business owner who runs a fleet should consider carefully when it comes to bolstering that bottom line by increasing consumer awareness and feeding the sales funnel.